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Your world is killing itself.

It will self-destruct, eat itself whole.

You can see evidence of this, mirrored in your own body as cancer.

As it was once sustainable and now it is not.

This a product of man’s fear.

The fish wash up dead on shore.

The animals are raised diseased.

And you wonder why the state of your health continues to deteriorate despite politically driven health initiatives.

This is a product of man’s fear

As disease in man rises, so does man’s belief in his separateness.

Separateness from himself, from his fellow man and from his planet,

all truly One.

The body is your home,

home for the soul.

As is your planet home to your body.

It is to be taken care of, cared for, as to fulfill its purpose of love,

and experience the joy of existence.

However, fear has become loud,

louder than love,

causing addiction in many forms,

causing separateness.

Man thinks of only himself and not of his fellow man or his Earthly home.

And so his body deteriorates with disease,

And because fear is driving his life, separation from his heart is the illusion he lives.

Loneliness and heartache come to be,

And he falls deeper into his own pain and suffering,

Causing more unwell being.

He looks for the answer outside of himself,

not yet realizing what he truly seeks…

truth, joy, purpose and passion of life itself.

Rather, in looking for the answer he believes another man, who he believes to be greater than he, to give him what he is searching for.

And he is given the product of another man’s fear and greed,

in the form of a pill or potion.

And when this pill and potion fails him, he experiences much disappointment, failure, defeat and sadness, having given his power to another out of fear.

Further outward he seeks, only to get lost in the opinions of another’s and another’s.

So this illusion you call disease, obesity, and other health crisis burdening your world,

it cannot and will not be remedied by another fear driven vehicle.

The only remedy is the remedy that lies deep within deep within man’s heart…

a remembering of the Truth of who he really is.

a remembering of his wholeness and oneness.

The illusions of greed multiplied by more greed will eventually be the end of your planet,

and you.

The only way out now, is not through the hands of another man’s fear,

but through your own hands

your own will,

your own desire,

your own remembering,

of love.

Because it is through Love that you will heal the body you live in,

and the Earth you walk upon.

-Maya Nahra, RD