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Challenging our own beliefs, our own rules and our own repeated thoughts can be one of the most liberating things you will do…

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One of the biggest saboteurs to our own weight loss, our own health, and our own wellbeing is the strict adherence that we have to our own rules. Such as, “I must follow this diet and this is the only way I’m going to lose weight.” My name is Maya. I’m a Behavioral Registered Dietician, founder here at Healthy Habit Solutions, and creator of The Curriculum. An entire online curriculum of life courses designed to help you learn to change your habits and behaviors for permanence. Permanence is not in doing differently as much as it is in learning to think differently.
Now, one of the most common rules that I hear a lot in this work is that I must eat this way. I must follow this diet. I must follow or eat this amount of calories or eat this little sugar in order to lose weight. The truth is, and something I’d like you to replace that with, is that you can eat anything you want to and lose weight. The rules, the self-imposed rules that you put on yourself, the belief system which is just a repeated thought that you have that says, “I must lose weight and here’s the only way I will lose weight,” creates deprivation and restriction.

When you go out to a restaurant, when you go over to a friend’s house, when you have a social event, in the back of your mind that rule is yip-yapping. You hear that, “Well, screw it, this week I’m not going to lose weight because I just ate a cookie.” When the truth is, is that you can eat anything you want to and lose weight. When that belief system or repeated thought is driving your emotions which are driving your behaviors, which is the whole formula we use here at Healthy Habit Solutions in The Curriculum as you change your habits, you know that you can have a cookie and lose weight.

Now I know what you’re thinking. As you begin to practice this new mindset, this new thought pattern, this new belief system or truth in your life, you may, being a fellow all or nothing-er, black and white pizza and cake, carrots, and celery extremist, you may swing in the other direction. If you were like me and at one point in your life there was so much deprivation and restriction, so much adherence to rules that we have about our life, that you may swing in the other direction and say, “Well, I’m just going to … I can eat anything I want to and lose weight.”

You may swing in the other direction and overeat, maybe a binge because years and years and years you’ve experienced such restriction and deprivation. When, some point, the body says, “I want this, I want this because you haven’t let me have this for so long.” As you know, as the pendulum swings you will swing back to normal because you will get to a point where enough is enough. Something that I want you to know about these self-imposed rules as you’re thinking about today’s topic is what other self-imposed rules are you placing on yourself that’s inhibiting or sabotaging your own weight loss, health, and well-being or your peace of mind and your happiness, all of the above.
As we placed these self-imposed rules upon ourself and we adhere to them it causes the unwanted thought dynamics or mental habits that we experience that can produce emotional habits of much guilt. This is often when we think in the past and when we have thought patterns of what happened yesterday is bound to happen today. We bind ourselves, we chain ourselves to the past, and because of what happened yesterday it’s the only way that could happen today. Whereas we start thinking differently and adopt … Well, let go of our rules and adopt a new way of thinking, that can change our tomorrow by changing our thinking today.

I’d love to hear from you. Place in the comments section below what self-imposed rules are completely sabotaging you. Do you have strict adherence to one way that you can be healthy, that you can start to let go of? As always, I’ll place a link for you below this video so you can join us in The Curriculum. Start your foundational life courses, start learning how to change your physical habits, your emotional habits, your thought habits, and your deeper belief systems and even beyond that. Join us in an all new one day intensive where you are going to get the formulas for how to change all of these systems in one day. All the links that you need is right below this video.