Ever had that moment where you feel one way and you look in the mirror only to see someone completely different? Yeah… I’ve been there too. Understand that permanent weight loss begins in the mind, then shows up in the body. Watch as I offer a helpful thought redirect—a tool clients and students use here at Healthy Habit Solutions—to this, seemingly negative thought.

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Have you been on 998 diets? Are you a chronic dieter or a yo-yo dieter or a stress binge or emotional eater and you have the best of intentions but it’s got one moment where you look in the mirror and it sabotages everything and you begin to berate yourself and your beautiful body that’s staring back at you? My name is Maya. I’m a behavioral registered dietitian, founder at Healthy Habit Solutions and creator of the Enoughness Factor, an entire online curriculum of life courses for you to help you cultivate the, what I call, enoughness that is really going to drive all of your habits and behaviors towards permanent weight loss, better health, happiness, joy, peace and everything that you are looking for on this journey.

I want to talk to you today about how we are going to start redirecting what you’re thinking and what you’re feeling when you look in the mirror so it doesn’t throw you off. But let’s talk about why that happens. You see what you see in the mirror, you see that and you view that as your reality. The truth is, is that it’s not. I’m going to give you a really great redirect for that but the truth is, is that you see it as reality and you feel as though you’ve given up so much food and you’re working so hard at this that you should see those immediate results and you should have lost 20 pounds a week ago but it sure does feel like you’re doing so much for such little return.

What happened when you look in the mirror is it begins a cascading effect of unwanted emotional habits and patterns and unwanted thought patterns. There’s something very, very important it’s really the basis of what we do here at Healthy Habit Solutions, what I teach my clients and students is that our thoughts and emotions are connected. Meaning that you feel what you feel because of what it is that you are thinking and if you want to feel something different, then we can change the channel upstairs. Now, easier said than done, of course.

In this work, behaviors such as self-sabotage when you look in the mirror are often driven by an emotion. When you look in the mirror and you feel a less than desirable emotion, that’s caused by the thought you’re thinking and if you’re being irrational for yourself for just a moment and that’s okay because a lot of the unwanted thought habits and dynamics are kind of unwanted in the first place. You may say to yourself, “I’m doing so much work and I’m getting such little return and it’s not going anywhere for me.” “Look at that fat role. I wish I was so much further.” And, “Why didn’t I just appreciate my body when I was 150 pounds instead of continuing to berate it. I’d do anything to get back there,” right?

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Those thought patterns, they don’t produce good feeling emotions. Now, one thing that I teach all my clients and students is something called thought redirection. Now, you have to remember that habits are automatic, autopilot ways and states of living and existing. In this work, I teach you how to change your habits which ultimately change your behaviors and those are all driven by a belief system and that belief system I call enoughness. I have this belief that we don’t have an obesity problem. We have an enoughness problem.

I’m on a grand mission to help a million women and a few good men become the very best possible versions of ourselves. Sure, you’re going to lose weight but it’s through this journey and part of that journey, clients and students learn about something called though redirection and that redirects the old mental habits and patterns that you play out on a regular basis that is rooted in the belief system of not enoughness. For example, a thought redirect in this scenario when you look in the mirror and see something that you don’t want to see, I want to offer you a new strategy, a new way of thinking about this because here’s the real truth is that what you see in the mirror is a product, a mirror product of your yesterday’s choices.

What you see in the mirror is a product of your yesterday’s choices and behaviors. Meaning that your body today, what you’re looking at is a culmination of product, an end result and everything that you have chosen and thought and felt in your yesterdays. Meaning that you have the power to change what you see in the mirror tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day. By the taking the one step today that is not only a better choice but a better thought or reaching for a better a feeling emotion.

Thought redirection in this work and instead of berating myself one way but saying, “Okay, no. Valid. I may not like what I see in the mirror today but I know today that I what I see is a product of my yesterday’s choices.” I’m going to try something new and maybe practice a little self-compassion and say, “You know what? I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for what I’ve done to you. I’m moving forward today with one choice. Today, I’m going to drink more water for you. Today, I’m going to love you a little bit more. Today, I’m going to eat a vegetable for you. Today, I’m going to work you out and move you so you can sweat a little bit and feel good.”

This one thought redirect feels different. When you can realize the actual truth is that your body is just a product of your yesterday’s choices, the body we’re looking at today, it actually … And remember, thoughts are connected to emotions. We feel what we feel because of what we believe. Then, we start to feel something different. When I [inaudible 00:05:56] my journey because I’m right here with you. I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve been in your heard. I see my whole life as a social experiment too to live in enoughness and what I know for sure is that this invites in a little bit of forgiveness, a little bit of self-compassion instead of hatred or anger or rage for what you’re currently seeing.

You feel a little bit better and that, my friend, is what you are looking for. That is what you’re looking for. Emotions have such a powerful effect on our body chemistry. Emotions have such a powerful effect on how you feel and the weight that you are able to lose or to not lose. I’ll put a link below this video. I shot a video last week for you on depression and weight loss. I’ll make sure I link that for you too.

Using this one thought redirect helps you to see it differently in order to feel better and you can do that for numerous areas of your life on this journey because the truth is, is that in life, we can choose a Brussels sprout or a candy bar and you can choose Brussels sprout in life as a physical food behavior until you’re blue in the face. But if in your mind, you are still choosing candy bars, everything is for not. In your mind, we also have to be choosing the Brussels sprout and thought redirection allows you to do that.

I hope this was helpful for you. I would love for you to join us on this journey. I have the Enoughness Factor curriculum. I will also put a link for you below. The introductory course is a free course and it’s an amazing way to get introduced or to introduce yourself to this work. This work is a five-stage growth process and I’ve created videos for you for every single growth phase that there is. Of course, in that growth phase, there’s suggested life courses for you to take in each growth phrase but you have to go in, get the free course. It’s completely free and you can self-identify exactly where it is that you’re at.

Now, there’s two ways to join this. You can invest in the entire curriculum or should you choose to, you can invest in one life course at a time as well. I really hope that you’ll join us on this journey and I do hope that this one thought redirection brings you that much more peace this week.