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Judgement and comparison, whether towards another human or ourselves, doesn’t only NOT feel very good – almost icky – but it’s a mere by-product, another symptom of a belief in our own inadequacy, lack and unworth.

However habitual in nature these mental habits are, they are the mind’s – the brain’s, the ego’s – solution to survival, reinforcing and anchoring in the false sense of safety that lies in the illusion of separateness – from our Self’s and others. Ironically enough, the connection to our Self’s and others is exactly what we desire most.

It’s in our unconscious acts of judgement and comparison that we steal from our Self’s and the life all that we want most… that we steal the ability to grow and become the best version of ourselves.

IN THIS EPISODE, Maya explains the roots behind the mental habits of judgement and comparison, what they are costing you and how to begin ending these habits of the mind to allow room for more freedom and joy.


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