This nutritionist-dietitian (Maya) shares pictures of everything she eats in a day

I consider myself to be a very calm, patient and loving person with very little that gets under my skin…

but this did.

From A nutritionist shares pictures of everything she eats in a day.


First thing’s first, and I don’t want to speak on behalf of all my fellow foodies, dietitians and nutritionists however, I think most would agree, not all of us are created equal. Just because the nutritionist in this article decided to drink ‘three to four large mugs of 1% milk and non-alkalized, unsweetened cocoa powder throughout the day and night to stay hydrated and to get a source of calcium’, doesn’t mean we all do.

Let’s breakdown her day:

Right out of bed: fruit juice = sugar

Breakfast: oatmeal = sugar, peanut = protein/fat

Snack: 3-4 decaf mocha lattes with 1% milk = sugar

Snack: protein bar = sugar/protein

Lunch: plain Greek yogurt with fruit, nuts, and Fiber One cereal = sugar, sugar and a side of sugar (with some protein)

Snack: baby carrots and popcorn = sugar and sugar

Snack: gum and peanut M&Ms = sugar and sugar (no, I’m not counting the peanuts as protein)

Dinner: curry chicken, onions, apples, raisins, and coconut with garlic naan = protein, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar with sugar. 

Do you see the pattern? (Watch this video to learn the 5 different types of sugar/ carbohydrate sources which yes, include oatmeal and fruit.)

One of my clients made a valid comment. With specific disease states, such as bowel disorders, the body has a hard time processing rough, raw veggies. I agree. Which brings me to point number three.

Disclose it.

Tell your readers that’s why you eat the way you do.

In habit and behavior change we use what’s called stepping stone routines. Someone who eats fast food three times a day isn’t going to become a kale, beans and quinoa eater tomorrow. Except if you decide to go on a diet. Stepping stone routines help you create manageable steps towards your ideal goals.

If you are in the middle of your stepping stone routine, stepping your diet into a healthier one—disclose it.

If you have alterations you must make due to health concerns—disclose it.

Let your readers know that’s why you are eating that way. 

I’ll give the nutritionist some credit. I am assuming she wanted to add a touch of relate-ability through the gum and emotional eating, offering a potential strategy to help readers. I get it, I’ve been there too. While there’s the eating habit of emotional eating, there’s also the emotional habit of emotional eating. Chewing gum simply doesn’t give readers the whole picture, leaving the eating strategy open to massive criticism.

And last but not least…

Where’s the veggies?


I set boundaries in my food choices to feel good and to balance [read: heal] my body.

I don’t like to drink too much alcohol or eat too much food. I love vegetables. I don’t snack much. And I don’t eat too much sugar. I steer clear of gluten, dairy and too many nuts. This is my own personal ‘sweet spot.’ It’s where I feel best.

My diet is not recommended for you and your diet is not recommended for me. What works for one won’t work for another, however, there are some basic nutrition guidelines that seem to work well for almost everyone… like eating your vegetables.

Secondly, I am NOT an athlete. While I see clients and run my business, I sit most of the day. I don’t need high amounts of fruit and complex carbohydrates. That does NOT mean fruit is bad. I simply choose not to have too much of it… which leads into my last disclosure.

There are health issues I am personally working on right now that deal with hormone and digestion balance. High fat, high veggie works for me.


It took me years to get to where I am today. Please be patient and kind with yourself and your choices. I am always here to help.


(I’ve actually included two days. One doesn’t really give you a full picture.)


Breakfast: 1/2 french press black coffee and my fruit-free green smoothieIMG_4667


Lunch: Zucchini noodles with steamed broccoli and my favorite dairy free pesto (made with hemp and pumpkin seeds, which I actually added spinach to this batch too.)


Snack: Homemade bone broth


Dinner: I had a client meeting and went out to dinner (True Foods here in Phoenix). I order their lovely vegetable crudite platter that comes with an olive dip and a homemade tzatziki. I typically order a side of protein too, chicken or salmon. (I forgot to take a chicken picture, obviously it’s not my photo.)




Breakfast: Every Tuesday, I have a very early morning breakfast meeting. Most of the time I’ll make up a smoothie and take it with me and other times I make a blended coffee and eat breakfast there.

My blended coffee: MCT oil or coconut oil for hormone balance, Vital Proteins collagen peptides for gut health, full fat canned coconut milk for creaminess and a pinch of cinnamon for taste and blood sugar. Blend it up in a blender with hot coffee and voila! A delicious, creamy blended coffee.



Lunch: I thinned out my dairy free pesto (which I made in bulk for the week) with some avocado oil and added a side of heirloom carrots. Sometimes I also dip in raw kale leaves. I also ate half an avocado.



Dinner: As I was preparing, I snacked on green olives (one of my favorites). Dinner was Spaghetti squash, sauteed in homemade cultured butter with garlic paired with a side of grilled chicken.



Lastly, I normally drink water all day. (To my water, for hydration, I add CALM, a magnesium supplement, a very small pinch of Celtic salt and a squeeze of lemon. I learned this from my favorite Canadian nutritionist, the beautiful miss Leanne Vogel.) Sometimes I sip on hot mint tea or my bone broth.


That’s my day. I hope this was helpful. I’d love to hear your comments on the Business Insider article or this blog post in the comments below!