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I hate to admit it, but juicing was very much one of my past – and failed – 998 dieting attempts, years ago. (I actually tried it about half a dozen times making it only to lunch, caving in to my cravings of desperately wanting to chew something then proceeding to beat myself up thinking, “If I only had more willpower…“)

Story of your life too?

What I didn’t realize was that I was drinking glass after glass of sugar and that my failed past attempts had nothing to do with the food and everything to do with my physical, emotional AND mental habit changes.

From emotional, stress and binge eating to burnout, hormone, thyroid and adrenal imbalances, I’ve experienced it all. My own journey back to whole health, permanent weight loss and peace of mind was not about doing differently, it was about learning to think differently. Want to learn how I did it? Click here to join my next free webinar, happening today.


Watch: The Truth About Juicing with Maya Nahra, RD and Heidi Goitia on CBS-5 News below.

Video Transcription

Speaker 1: Let’s go back and talk a little bit more Grammys now because celebrities walking the red carpet tonight. They spent weeks making sure that they would look their best, from picking the right dress and the jewelry to even slimming down. Which for some means changing their diets and incorporating juicing. Tonight Wake Up Arizona’s

Heidi Goitia explains why experts say juicing is a method to use with caution.

Heidi Goitia : Rich, famous and thin. Celebrities walking the red carpet during award season always seem to look perfect, leaving the rest of us to wonder, what’s their secret? Well, for some, it starts with juicing.

Maya Nahra, RD: The attraction to juicing come from really two fold, is one, you’re not taking in a lot of calories. There’s actually a lot of sugar but not a lot of calories. Temporarily you are going to lose weight.

Heidi Goitia : When you eliminate real food, you eliminate bloating.

Maya Nahra, RD: Between a little bit of weight loss and less bloating, it’s very attractive to people.

Heidi Goitia : She says it’s only a short-term fix.

Maya Nahra, RD: We are removing almost entirely all of the pulp so you’re getting no fiber that’s going into your fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables in general they don’t have any protein or fat. After removing a lot of the fiber, you don’t have any protein, you don’t have any fat, so you’re getting straight sugar.

Heidi Goitia : That’s why she says it won’t take long for your quick slim down to backfire.

Maya Nahra, RD: Secondly, we’re not really getting of the nutrients that we actually need, so the body is going into starvation mode sometimes.

Heidi Goitia : About all that sugar. A typical can of soda has more than 20 grams. Think this juice is healthier?

Maya Nahra, RD: In one glass of juice, we’re getting around 33 grams of carbohydrate or roughly 23 grams of sugar. That is a lot of carbohydrate.

Heidi Goitia : Short-term, maybe, but looking for a long-term weight loss? This isn’t for you.

Maya Nahra, RD: Juicing really truly attracts people who are looking to cleanse or lose some weight. Ironically enough, that’s the exact crowd that needs to stay away from extra sugar, because any insulin spikes that we have are going to promote fat storage in the body.

Heidi Goitia : Heidi Goitia, CBS-5 News.