Tamra and her puppy 

Why did you choose to start the journey/ work with Maya?

I met Maya at a fundraiser event we both were attending. I knew the movement we started talking that she was going to be able to help me. I had been on a quest to figure out why I was quickly gaining weight and was so fatigued my—now fired—doctors thought I had an autoimmune disorder.

For years, doctors tested and tested for different autoimmune disorders and never found anything conclusive.

They kept saying that I was in the ‘normal range’ of their tests. I knew differently. I knew that something was very wrong so I kept searching.

My search led me to a functional medicine doctor who tested me for food intolerance and dove deep into my DNA results. We discovered I had numerous food intolerances that were contributing to my weight gain, fatigue and constant illnesses. I also had some gene mutations requiring preventative care before any of the mutations had an opportunity to activate.

Remembering that Maya is a registered dietitian and that she can prescribe food for disease states I knew that she would be able to help me learn to eat again.

What I got working with Maya was far more than just learning a new way of eating. I gained a new way of looking at the world and at myself.

Maya helped me recognize some of my systemic behaviors that were contributing to my food and life style choices.

Working with her, I was able to establish new behaviors that have lead to long term changes for me, my family and many who have witness my transformation…


her husband Chris


her daughter 


her daughter Rio

What have you accomplished in the past year? (In everything in your life!)

In the last year working with Maya I have lost twenty-five pounds.

I have kept it off. I have learned a completely new set of tools to help me with my new way of eating, my emotional eating, and overall view of my life.

I have more energy than I have had in decades.

I sleep better.

I deal with stress better.

I started my non-profit, Paper Hope to help provide life skill to women and girls in our community.

I finished up another full load of undergraduate work while working a full time job yet still found time to hike and connect with nature.

I feel more like my truest self than I have in many decades.



hiking Phoenix Mountains

Weight loss isn’t always about food, calories and scales, as you know. What have been some of the biggest or most important lessons to you, on your journey thus far?

I have learned many things about myself and my reaction to the world in this last year.

I have learned to seek evidence of the positive things in my life.

This tiny but mighty action is helping me change my thought patterns that have been established in decades of stress.

I have learned that sleep is more important than the hustle.

My over all outlook on life has improved. I listen to myself and others more. I feel happiness more and am not afraid of feeling my feelings anymore.

What would you tell another woman in your shoes, who was the you, you were, one year ago?

Please don’t wait another minute to get the help you need. I knew I needed help. I needed the right combination of help to change my life permanently.

You are worth the effort. You are worth the commitment.

Jump in with both feet. Maya will help you quail your fears and even learn how to exists side by side with them. It’s scary to put yourself first, but it is essential to living a better life. Don’t go it alone.