Client Success Stories- Pam Biendit


Why did you start working with Maya?

I’ve had a problem with weight my whole adult life.

I’ve done various weight loss programs, most notably Weight Watchers, more than once. I had lost 100 pounds but had gained about 2/3 of it back. At 59 year old, I felt like I had to do something different this time to lose the weight or I was just going to give up.

I decided to try a dietitian or nutritionist this time hoping it would work for me. When I read an article about Maya and a client success story in the AZ Republic I was intrigued by her and her behavioral nutrition program. Honestly when I signed up with her I was still expecting a “diet or meal plan” and some accountability to her and the scale. Boy was I wrong! Maya had other ideas for me.


(Pam, the day she got her new puppy Stella.)

What have you accomplished in the past year? (In everything in your life!)

My life is so different than it was just a year ago. I started working with Maya in August 2015. I came to her with an attitude that I knew what I was doing, I just needed a little help. What I didn’t realize was I needed divine help to shed my old way of thinking about myself and pretty much life in general.

As a Christian I look to God for guidance in my life. I had prayed for an answer to my weight issues and was waiting impatiently for something to happen when my path crossed Maya’s. Divinely directed indeed! God knew I had more problems than just weight and He also knew that Maya was the one person who could help me.

This year we have address old belief systems, anger issues, self-sabotaging behaviors, self-loathing, low self-esteem, self-hated, judgement, and many other character flaws that were stopping me from enjoying my life.

Maya, this wonderful beautiful young woman, has believed in me when I haven’t believed in myself and taught me to seek the best life possible because I deserve it. I have joy and peace in my life because of what she has helped me address and work on this year. I have also lost over 20 pounds and I’m still working on the weight loss goal I set for myself.

Honestly I want to lose the weight but even if I don’t I’m so much happier now than I could ever have imagined a year ago. My life is the best it’s ever been and I give Maya all the credit for teaching me tools that have helped me achieve this state of happiness.

I have a better relationship with my family and friends because of the work we’ve done and close friends have commented on the changes in me.

With all the changes and the confidence that has come about from our work together, I have decided to make a career change that allows me to help people the way Maya has helped me. I have always wanted to have a business that was focused on helping people in some way. As I went through the months with Maya coaching me something sparked in me saying “this is what I want to do“! This wasn’t a whim for me. I’ve been seeking something more for my life for many years. I know my top three spiritual gifts (faith, exhortation, and serving) are totally in alignment with coaching. So recently I have enrolled in a Christian Life Coach training program and hope to be taking clients soon. Believe me when I say I never would have considered this change a year ago.

So I am pretty much a totally different person now than the one that walked into that first appointment with Maya a year ago.

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(Pam in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.)

Weight loss isn’t always about food, calories and scales, as you know. What have been some of the biggest or most important lessons to you, on your journey thus far?

The most important lesson I’ve learned this last year is that I was trying to run my life with the beliefs that I was taught as a child or taught by society over the years. These were things that gave me my sense of self which at the time wasn’t good. Or what society had told me I was suppose to be or to look like. I wasn’t living my life the way I wanted to, I was living by all these old beliefs and rules.

As painful as it was to face I also learned that I was a judgmental person. The thing I hated the most, feeling like I was judged myself, I was actually doing to others. Maya helped me work through that lesson and still helps me to recognize it when it surfaces now.

The best lesson I learned this year was that I deserve the best and when I put myself first instead of last I can have the best life.

I live in the now instead of looking back at the past or focusing on the future. Maya has taught me to just be myself in each moment and to enjoy life as it flows over me without a lot of expectations or control issues.



(Pam learning how to have fun in the kitchen…)

What would you tell another woman in your shoes, who was the you, you were, one year ago?

I would tell her that she has barely scratched the surface of having a good life and that when she can remove her preconceived ideas, old beliefs, and prejudices she will blossom into the wonderful person that God had originally planned her to be.

I would tell her that she deserves the best life possible, that she doesn’t have to be second best or third best etc.

I would also tell her that she is beautiful just the way she is physically, however, if she wants to be healthier then treat herself well with good foods and don’t stress about the weight, it will come off because it’s a symptom of unhappiness.

I would tell her that the world needs her love and her light and to deny it because of self doubt would be a mistake.

I would tell her that she is loved more than she can imagine and to believe it deep in her heart.

And I would tell her that God answers all prayers because He changed my life with an answered prayer by way of a beautiful, compassionate, encouraging young woman named Maya Nahra. ❤️


(Pam and her Chris in Flagstaff, Arizona at a NAU football game.)

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