Habit And Behavior Change™ is an evidence-based formula, created by Behavioral Registered Dietitian, Maya Nahra, proven to create permanent health change through a change in the individual’s long term habits and behaviors combining medical nutrition therapy and psychology practices. The primary focus is to teach the individual how to change both physical and mental habits.

The Habit and Behavior Change(TM) Health Coaching Program

The health coaching program combines Habit and Behavior Change™ with individualized health coaching from registered dietitian/nutritionists, peer-to-peer mentoring support groups and online courses to create permanent changes to an individual’s state of health by increasing patient compliancy through the Habit and Behavior Change™ methodology.

The Next Level of Habit and Behavior Change: Heart Training

Start at the source to change it all… shatter the foundation upon which you’ve created it all – the belief in your own inadequacy – and rebuild upon a new, sturdier foundation. This is the journey from the head to the heart.