Habit And Behavior Change™ is an evidence-based formula proven to create permanent changes in health and weight loss through a change in the individual’s long term habits and behaviors combining medical nutrition therapy and psychology practices. It was created by Phoenix-based Registered Dietitian, Maya Nahra, founder of Healthy Habit Solutions, as a four-stage Curriculum which teaches the individual how to think differently – rather than do differently through another short-term diet plan – to create permanent and lasting change. 

Ready for permanence in your health and peace of mind in your life?

Join us inside the Habit and Behavior Change Curriculum

4 Foundational Life Courses, In-Person and Online Support Groups, Weekly Coaching with Maya & more… Join us on the journey

It’s time to stop living a life from your head and it’s fears, insecurities and old belief and start living a heart-driven, puposeful life…

The Next Level of Habit and Behavior Change is Heart Training

A 6-Month Curriculum… Join us on the journey