New Here?


Divinely guided, that’s how it works!

It’s no mistake you’ve found your way here. Now let me look into my crystal (ice) ball and tell you why…


Who you are (one or all six like I was!):

Stress & Emotional Eater. That damn candy bowl at work… just can’t un-see that thing. But it’s no problem this one time… you’ll just work it off at the gym tomorrow…

The Stressed Out and the Over-Worked. You schedule 40 hours of work into a 24-hour day. (And wonder why you can’t get it all done.) The thought of weight loss feels like one more chore atop the massive pile of obligations that is your life.

The ‘Not-Quite-An-Eating-Disorder’ Binge Eater. Your binge is often just too much healthy food! You soothe perfectionism and fear of failure with food then can’t seem to quiet the barrage of negative thoughts inside your head after the binge. “I’m so smart, why can’t I just figure this out on my own!?” you think to yourself.

Chronic and Yo-Yo Dieter. You’ve dieted… A LOT. The thought of another eating plan, food tracker or weekly weigh-in makes you sick. (And actually weighs heavy on your heart.)

The Hormonally Challenged. You want, so badly, to get rid of the stubborn weight. You want to feel good in your skin again, like yourself again. Everything you’ve done in the past doesn’t seem to be working now… and that’s frustrating.

Any of the above + Nutritionist or Dietitian. Whether you really are, or you play one one TV, you can recite the amount of calories in food in your sleep. You know your path to health isn’t about the food science… or you’d be where you want to be in you life by now. Feelin’ like a fraud sometimes just isn’t that hard.


Then there’s the Junkie that lives upstairs and talks to you all day long.

When you’re bored at work, your Junkie’s like…

Isn’t it lunch time yet? (at 10:00 am)

What should I make for dinner? (at 3:00 pm after your sweet treat pick-me-up)

Anything healthy in that vending machine?

OMG! I just totally blew my whole day by eating too many calories…

…may as well keep going.

When you’re on a diet, your Junkie’s like…

If I get the calorie-free version, I can eat more.

Did I really just eat an entire half of an avocado?!

I want to eat that cookie. I was so good all day. I deserve a treat. It’ll be fine… I’ll just work out longer tomorrow.

It’s the weekend; I deserve another glass of wine.

Bathing Suit!? I really need to cut my calories…

…I’ll start Monday.

What the f*&k is wrong with me?! Why can’t I just get it together?!

When you’re out at restaurants, your Junkie’s like…

I’ll never get this food again! 

I deserve it. 

Just this once. 

Hell, it’s the weekend. 

I’ve been good all week.  

This food right here in front of me is all there ever was and all there ever will be!

Screw it… 

Your astrology reading is next… LOL. Just kidding.Maya Nahra RD LD


My name is a Maya, I’m a behavioral registered dietitian and food and nutrition contributor to 3TV, who’s been in your shoes and in your head.

(Seriously… weight loss, weight gain, weight loss, weight gain…  stress eating, binge eating, emotional eating, stubborn weight loss, digestive troubles, food allergies, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, mono and hormonal imbalances… and of course, unwanted mind dynamics like perfectionism, all-or-nothing thinking, Type A-isms, and control issues.)


You’re here because you want to lose some weight, but your Junkie’s already pipin’ up, telling you lies like “PULLLLLease. You’ve been there done that. Who are YOU to think this is different than anything else you’ve ever tried. You’re just gonna fail again.” 


That’s mean.

Hear this. (And if you still want to leave afterwards, fine. But not till you hear this, feel this and take these words into your heart so they can permeate your entire being…)

I believe that the weight on your body has nothing to do with food. I believe our world does NOT have an obesity problem. I believe we have an ENOUGHNESS problem. 

(Enough-ness = self love, worth and value.)

I live and breathe to help my clients achieve permanent health, well-being (and yes, weight loss) through a cultivation of their own enoughness factor.

That sounds nice Maya but what the hell is that and how do you do that? I came looking for the magic pill, don’t ya know!? 

EVERYTHING you do is a habit.

Driving a car, riding a bike, heart rate increases from stressors, emotional eating, perfectionism thinking, worry, anxiety… all habits. All automatic, autopilot ways and states of living.

Here’s the formula I teach by at Healthy Habit Solutions:


You do what you do (physical habits) and what you think (thought habits) because of what you believe to be true about your world. 

Meaning, if you operate from a truth (or belief) of not-enough-ness, your life will reflect extra weight on your body, a messy house, a overbooked calendar, people-pleasing, paralyzing perfectionism, worry and fear.

Or, when you operate from enoughness, your life will reflect your perfect body weight, clear communication, healthy stress and time management skills, a clean environment, cash in the bank, happiness, joy and more flow moments. 

I call this journey to #enoughness becoming the very best possible version of ourselves. 

This isn’t about the food my friend… it never was. It’s about your stress habits, all-or-nothing thinking, failure-based thoughts, walking on egg shells, depression, sadness, anger and all the thought and emotional habits born of not-enoughness. Here’s a few more…

  • Being a Chronic & Yo-Yo Dieter
  • Stress & Emotional Eating
  • Binge Eating
  • Night Eating
  • Having Weight Loss goals
  • Having General Health & Wellbeing goals
  • Having excessive numbing behaviors such as drinking, sex, alcohol, reading or TV
  • Being overworked
  • Feeling ‘Depleted & Defeated’
  • Thinking “I know what to do I’m just not doing it.”
  • Constant anger
  • Regular depression
  • Regular feelings of frustration & fighting
  • Underlying stress, anxiety & general consistent uneasiness
  • Exhaustion with no breaks in life
  • Overthinking
  • Black & White/All-or-Nothing/Pizza-and-Cake, Carrots-and-Celery Thinking
  • Drama Queen
  • Control Freak
  • Fears of failure
  • Seeker of the ‘next shoe dropping’ & the next worst thing happening
  • Doubter of real, lasting & permanent change
  • Being really, really smart & well-versed in the ‘diet’ language
  • Thinking you should be able to do this on your own
  • Perfectionist
  • Type-A
  • Feeling like there’s no hope left…

My life course curriculum is how I live my life. It’s a collection of foundational, online life courses to help you change your physical, emotional and mental habits. 

It’s how I’ve come to know everyday peace and immense unconditional joy.
How I’ve attracted great love and dealt with great loss.
How I’ve lost (and gained) 100 pounds.
How I recovered from burnout, menopause (at 30), hypothyroidism and 10 years of IBS-C.

The Curriculum is how I’ve cultivated hope, compassion, inner strength, perseverance, and daily presence through every day human life and stress.

Laugh if you must, but I believe in love.

I believe in the genuine goodness of all human beings.
I believe that change is always possible.
I believe you’re never too old, too young, too short or too fat.
I believe every human being is enough, just as they are.
I believe being human is a great gift.
I believe becoming the very best possible version of you is not only your purpose but your divine duty as a human on our planet.

So welcome, I’m SO happy you’ve been guided here. Here’s how to get started:


Step one: I created a free audio/video training for you here:

Step two: Learn about how we can work together in the online life course Curriculum here.

Welcome and biggest hugs,


Maya Nahra, RD

Founder, Healthy Habit Solutions

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