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Hate when greens go bad too fast?

When you buy limes and they’re rock hard?

Or you never know exactly how long to hard boil your eggs?

I’ll show you a better way in my eight favorite kitchen hacks with Suzanne on Your Life A to Z.

Take a listen…


Suzanne:             Spring and summer are the perfect time to put all those healthy hacks to good use. Registered dietitian Maya Nahra is here with eight of them that we can use all year long. Good to see you. Good morning

Maya Nahra:      Good to see you. Thanks for having me.

Suzanne:             We’ve got a lot in store here, so let’s jump to the end-

Maya Nahra:      We do, yes.

Suzanne:             -the spinach.

Maya Nahra:      One thing I cannot stand is those wilted greens, when there’s just too much moisture that gets into the greens.

Suzanne:             Yes.

Maya Nahra:      Really easy hack. After you wash your greens, make sure that you put a paper towel. It’s going to suck up some of the moisture and keep them a few days longer in your fridge.

Suzanne:             I love it. In a Ziploc bag.

Maya Nahra:      Ziploc bag, yep. Any kind of bag with paper towels. Great.

Suzanne:             Easy.

Maya Nahra:      Yes. Cutting avocado. You only cut a half for, say, a salad. Put the other half in the fridge, maybe in a plastic bag. But if you put a little bit of apple cider vinegar on the top, it will stop that oxidation and stop it from turning brown.

Suzanne:             Oh, nice. I love avocado.

Maya Nahra:      Yep. That’s an easy one.

Suzanne:             Especially when you end up wasting half of it, scraping off the brown part.

Maya Nahra:      Yes. Fresh herbs. I get fresh herbs. You get a little bit for a recipe and then you just have too much of them. If you have extra, take a little fresh herbs, chop them up, put them into ice cube trays, pour olive oil on the top and freeze them, and then you have olive oil herbed cubes that you can use for any recipe when you’re ready.

Suzanne:             That’s so simple to do, and you just do extra virgin, some good olive oil.

Maya Nahra:      So easy. Absolutely, and put them in the freezer. They’re melting a little bit, keep them in.

Suzanne:             How long with they last?

Maya Nahra:      They’re going to last up to six months in the freezer.

Suzanne:             That’s great.

Maya Nahra:      Yeah. The next one is, any type of flour that you have; nut and seed flours, there’s a really good fat in there, so they’re going to last up to one year if you keep them in the freezer. That’s what you want to do with your nut and seed flours.

Suzanne:             Oh. Nut and seed, put them in the freezer.

Maya Nahra:      So, coconut, almond flours, even flax seeds after they’re ground. It’s going to help to keep the good fat intact a lot longer for you.

Suzanne:             That’s a great one. You put them a mason jar like this one or can we just pop it in like this?

Maya Nahra:      You can pop it in right like this when you put it in the freezer. I put flax seeds in my smoothie every single day, so I just keep those in the fridge, and they go pretty fast. So, that’s always nice.

Suzanne:             Super simple. Hopefully you’re going to tell me how my bananas … to stop them from turning brown, because I waste so much money.

Maya Nahra:      Yes. I know, I know. There’s only so much you can do. But, a lot of the gases that will actually create the ripening of a banana too fast comes out of the stem. So if you can take the stem, and if you actually individually take these off but you wrap the stem in some plastic wrap, it will keep it a few days longer for you.

Suzanne:             I love that, because I end up like, I’m just going to use it for banana bread then, and I throw it in my freezer, then I have …

Maya Nahra:      Bunches.

Suzanne:             … bunches and I never make it. Eggs.

Maya Nahra:      Eggs. This is amazing. If you do hard boiled eggs, you can do hard baked eggs. Just put the egg, the raw egg just like this into a muffin tin, put it in at 350 for about 30 minutes. Then, when you take them out, you want to put them in an ice bath for about 10 minutes, and then you’ve got hard boiled eggs all week.

Suzanne:             So I don’t have to do the whole boiling water, and I never know how long I should boil it for? I just put them in a muffin tin.

Maya Nahra:      Exactly. This is super easy.

Suzanne:             350 for 30.

Maya Nahra:      350 for 30 minutes, and then an ice bath right after. If you’re a meal planner this is really good.

Suzanne:             I love that idea.

Maya Nahra:      Yes.

Suzanne:             Okay, citrus.

Maya Nahra:      Citrus. You know what I hate, is when you get those really hard citrus and you need the juice, especially out of the limes, you can’t do it? Pop it in the microwave for 10 to 30 seconds and you’re going to get double the juice out of your citrus.

Suzanne:             I love that tip, because sometimes they’re and then you’re using all your muscles and you get nothing.

Maya Nahra:      Super easy. Squeezing and get nothing. Yes.

Suzanne:             Oh, what are these?

Maya Nahra:      This are one of my favorites. This is our last healthy kitchen hack for you today. Smoothies, I love smoothies, but I like them on demand. I don’t like them every single day. So we’ll actually take some unsweetened vanilla coconut milk and spinach. Put them into a blender, and then once again, put them into ice cube trays, freeze them up. And now you have pre-done spinach and milk already for your smoothies.

Suzanne:             How many would you drop in of those in a normal smoothie? I could just put then other fruit in there too.

Maya Nahra:      Put some banana. I’ll probably put five to about six of those. They’re really condensed, so what’s nice is you’re probably going to get double spinach, so you’re going to up the nutrition as it is.

Suzanne:             Maya, I love every single one of these hacks. I’m going to be doing it all year long. Thank you so much.

Maya Nahra:      Absolutely.

Suzanne:             If you want to find out more information about Maya, or to get any of these recipes or easy hacks, just hit to our website azfamily.com/yourlife.