I believe the great disease of our time is not obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety or even racism. I believe the great disease of our time is the belief in our own not-enoughness, stemming from a great disconnect from the truth of who we really are. Take the journey. Have the courage to become the best you, cultivate your own enoughness, and in doing so, grow healthy… effortlessly.

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Maya is a behavioral dietitian for chronic dieters and addictive personality types. She is a seeker & teacher of #enoughness and lover of rocks, real food, magic & sunshine. What is #enoughness & how can it change your life? Find out here [http://www.healthyhabitsolutions.com/mindset].


Maya Nahra is a behavioral registered dietitian teaching ‘professional’ dieters, stress, binge and emotional eaters, perfectionists and all-or-nothing thinkers how to create permanence in health and peace of mind in life through habit and behavior change.

She is the food and nutrition contributor for 3TV and has been featured on ABC and NBC News, Green Living and Taste of Home Magazines, the Elephant Journal and Shine Text. Maya and has been named one of the top nutritionists from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating while her blog (HealthyHabitSolutions.com) ranks top 3 in the country in nutrition. She has been practicing behavioral nutrition for over eleven years and is on a mission to end a little suffering and inspire the life that exists beyond fear.


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