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Do you worry too much about what people think of you?

Do you think everyone is always talking about you?

Do you fear not being accepted by always looking for outside approval, like always needing compliments and confirmation of a ‘job well done’?

All you need is already there. All that confidence is right inside of you… but if you haven’t trained your mind to see it, you won’t experience it in your life. Confidence, just like any other emotion is just a habit, one you can cultivate too.

In this video, watch as I explain a tool used in Habit & Behavior Change to help you begin to cultivate confidence in your skin.

In this video & MORE:

  • How to be more confident in your skin: Learn more and join us inside The Habit & Behavior Change Curriculum, foundational life courses for stress, binge and emotional eaters for permanent weight loss and peace of mind.
  • ***Harness the power of confirmation bias and use evidence journaling – coupled with thought redirection – to begin cultivating a habit of confidence inside Module 4 of the How to Think foundational life course inside your curriculum
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Video transcription:

Do you want to feel more confident in your body, feel more confident in your skin? Often times on this journey as a fellow recovering addict, avoider, control freak, emotional eater, stress eater, binge eater, chronic and yo-yo dieter, everything in our outside world can seem like a perceived attack that inflames that little belief that we have inside of us that we’re working on called “not enoughness.” When everything from our outside world confirms that we’re not enough, it really shoots down our own confidence creating and building a new emotional habit that is something opposite of that.

My name is Maya. I’m a behavioral registered dietician, founder of Healthy Habit Solutions and creator of the online Habit and Behavior Change Curriculum designed to help you change your habits and behaviors, not just for permanent weight loss, but for peace of mind.

Now, I could sit here and give you a bunch of tips, and tricks, and tools like you know what? When you go to your closet, don’t allow your closet to be the one thing that completely haunts your mind where you see 50 different sizes in front of you remembering when you were small or remembering when you were bigger and wishing that you were some place else other than the space that you’re in right now, or a tip that says you know what? Go to the store and buy some clothes that feel good on your body.

The real tip, which is what we focus on here at Healthy Habit Solutions, is that the … It’s not just a tip, it’s the whole take home message. It’s the whole thing that’s going to change your entire outlook and build this confidence, true confidence within you knowing that this journey is not about doing differently. It’s about learning to think differently. That is where permanence lies.

On this journey, the mind is the cause and the body is the effect. If we were to go do all of these things that may help temporarily, but if the mind is the cause and the body is the effect, we need to change how it is that we think. Now, students inside the online Behavior Change Program, they know … There’s a how to think course where you learn how to change your thought habits which translates into your emotional habits. We know and we use this little tool called evidence journaling. In evidence journaling, what we do is we harness the power of something called confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is a term used in psychology that says, “My brain will keep true everything that I believed to be true.” Meaning, do I see all of the reasons and where am I not confident today? See, I’m not confident today over there. Where am I not confident today? See, I’m not confident over there. Whatever we believe or perceive to be true, our mind will hold as such.

Evidence journaling is a nifty little tool that you learn inside the curriculum, and if you’re not there yet, I highly suggest you join us now, that says, “I am going to be the director of my mind instead of being the directed, and I’m going to guide my mind to see all of the reasons or all the places that I was confident, and so I am going to direct my mind to see only and to focus on the places where I did exude confidence, where I did feel confident, where I did feel a little bit better in my skin.”

Now, we’re not talking about zero confidence to complete bliss and confidence here. There’s a little scale. As your brain begins to see all of the places where you are more confident, or feeling more confident, or showed more confidence, that’s a little seed that you are planting that is going to help you to start thinking differently which is where permanence lies. If you’re not inside the Habit and Behavior Change Curriculum already, I’ve put all the links in this video for you below. You could even find it right up here in this video. Join us. Join us on the journey, not only for permanent weight loss but for complete peace of mind knowing that your permanence lies in thinking differently.