Do you have the best of intentions to stay on track, focused and eat (somewhat) healthier during the holidays, then the office kitchen fills up with holiday treats that you can’t help but to overeat?

You either think to yourself, “Well, I’m here, may as well indulge with the rest of them!” or, “I only get this once per year, may as well have it all now!” or, (what used to happen to me) you’d be sitting at your desk and all you could think about was the break room treats! Here’s one thought-based move to help you change your behaviors.

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Do you have the best of intentions to stay on track and stay focused and eat healthy during the holidays, and someone, if not everyone, brings total crap into the office and there’s candy here and popcorn there and chocolate there, and it completely sabotages all of your efforts? My name is Maya, and I’m a behavioral registered dietitian, and creator of the Curriculum. It’s an online, six month habit and behavior change curriculum made up of foundational life courses to help you become the best version of you, and change your habits and behaviors for permanent health, permanent weight loss, and permanent well being, because the truth is is this has nothing to do with the food. Neither is the answer that I’m going to give you or the simple strategy that I’m going to give you to help you navigate those office foods.

I’ve always said to clients and students that this journey about becoming the best version of us, cultivating our enoughness, the belief system that drives everything that we do, and ultimately changing our behaviors is not about learning to do differently, but it’s about learning to think differently. One of the biggest mistakes that we make all of the time is we take our cues from the outside world, when we have the answers within ourself. Instead of seeking those answers within ourself, we always seek the answers from the outside. So the answer to how to not allow holiday office food to completely sabotage you is learning to think differently and seek the answers within yourself, meaning that in order- I’m not going to give you fifty- if you go online, go to Google, you can find 50,000 strategies on how to healthfully eat during the holidays. But honestly, I mean, even when I was going through the pitfalls and the potholes of some of my darkest days around my health, I knew what to do, I just wasn’t doing it. We don’t need anymore of those strategies.

So I am asking you to think differently and tap into an internal onto the answers that you already have inside. By learning to think differently, you can navigate those holiday saboteurs, the office food, by simply asking yourself one question: “What would the future me do? What would the future me do in this scenario and situation? How would she or he eat?” Now if your goal is weight loss, if you’re currently 200 pounds and you want to be 150 pounds, or if your goal is just general health and well-being, a healthier version of you, healthier thinking, healthier mindset, healthier emotions, what does the you that you are working to accomplish, who is she? Is she- she’s 150 pounds, she’s happy, she probably doesn’t think about food all of the time, and she’s at a job that she really enjoys, and she has friends, and there is a general unconditional joy and happiness that she has about her life and she’s found that which makes her come alive when it comes to hobbies and work and all of that good stuff.

You see this picture that I’m painting, this is actually creating your new story with food in yourself is one of the things that we do both inside the Curriculum, it’s one of the first things that you do inside the Curriculum as an exercise, and it’s something that we do in our one day intensives. It’s a really powerful exercise. Normally, nine times out of ten, if you were to ask someone what they want, they’ll tell you everything about what they don’t want. That’s good because it develops preferences, but what I’m asking you to do is create a picture, an idea of preferences that light you up, that light your fire, that you can get excited about. Now we don’t necessarily have to know when, where, or how, we’re going to get there, but we will get there when we implement a little bit of faith and belief, which you adopt in the Curriculum as well.

That’s all I’m asking you to do. Identify who you’d like to become. Where are you going? What is this idea, this story that you are creating for yourself, and who is she? Not just in her body, but in her mind, and the answer to the question of how do I begin to eat differently with holiday sabotaging food all around is to begin thinking as she would, is to put yourself in her shoes and say, “How would she consume the holiday food that’s in the office? How would she think about eating this?” And right now, in our current all or nothing state which is just a mental habit, we may say to ourselves, “Well I’m not going to eat it, and I’ve got to be good, and I’ve got to drink my green shake, and then I’ve got to have my salad,” blah blah blah, which is very all or nothing thinking.

Yet the you in the future may say, “You know what? She actually really likes the chocolate, it’s those chocolate covered pretzels, she doesn’t really like those so much, I never really liked those, but if they’re there I usually eat them. But she really likes the chocolates, and maybe really likes the caramel stuff.” And she eats mindfully and consciously, she doesn’t rush around and just shove stuff into her face because she’s so busy or stressed out, but she eats it and she enjoys it, and she really only eats it when she’s hungry. Maybe she only goes once or twice a day instead of consistently, every moment, and unconsciously. So you can start to see how you would answer your question of, “How do I stop sabotaging myself with holiday office food?” It’s simply by learning to think about the person that you are becoming, and then implement that which she would do, do you see?

So I’m asking you to start thinking differently and start acting as if she would act. Already that is requiring you to start thinking differently, because that’s what this whole journey is about. Not about doing differently, it’s about learning to think differently. That, my friend, will create the ultimate permanence that you’re looking for. I’ll put all the links that you need below, as well as a recap. I’ll put a link to the Curriculum, and to the one day intensives that are starting in January. I certainly hope that you’ll join, have a wonderful rest of your holiday season. Bye.