Maya's Notes No. 2

Fear is not a fun space to live in or from.

Actually, it’s terrifying. Your deepest worries come to life. You create problems that aren’t really there. You find new levels of pain, anxiety, depression, overwhelm and frustration to exist in.

Fear-based living is habitual, at least I believe it is. A practice of present moment living is what I’ve had to cultivate to help pull me out. Does this mean I never get caught in the fear storm? Hell no. But when the fear storms hit, the default habit of presence helps me find the calm, quiet eye a lot faster.

Interestingly enough, the storm can be addicting. It’s noisy, fast, spinning… that’s why it helps to have a support system. I help my clients find the eye. My coaches and friends help me find the eye. We all need that help. Give yourself permission to seek that support when you need it. Just don’t ask for help and then resist. Be open to fully experiencing the storm. It’ll knock you down but you’re strong enough. Trust me.

To live in the center, in the eye of the storm, you must find the space between each thought and each emotion. There’s peace there. This is present moment living.

A state of living in which one exists so wholly in the current moment that one does not become their current thought or current emotion.

In my experience, fear storms hit to shift the winds of our life.

love you,