Ep039: How to Achieve Optimal Mental Wellbeing in a New & Virtual World

2021 Feb 27.

From time management to optimizing productivity, attaining the proverbial work-life balance is gone. Yet, in a forever-changed world, it’s possible to achieve a new kind of mental wellbeing. Valley Young Professionals held a virtual presentation to hear expert advice from Maya Nahra, founder of Nuuaria and diplomat of the American Institute of Stress. Viewers learned about the four types of habitual thinking that can slow progress and steal balance. Maya also shared evidence-based practices to create new neuropathways in the brain that support creativity, joy, and peace in a new and virtual world.

Click here to download the PPT – https://un-digest-able.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept-2020-Chamber-VYP-Talk-Nuuaria-Slide-Deck.pdf
Click here to download the resource page -https://un-digest-able.s3.amazonaws.com/nuuaria-masterclass-resource-page-for-How-to-Achieve-Optimal-Mental-Wellbeing-in-a-New-Virtual-World-1.pdf

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