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I dare you to dream, dream about the life that exists beyond your chaos… beyond addiction, beyond less-than-desirable emotion, beyond thought, beyond fear… you see the chaos is not yours. You just wake every day believing it to be so! I dare you to be unconcerned… to give yourself the permission to not stress – about anything! – inside or outside of yourself.

But who am I to be unconcerned about anything!? says the head…. who am I to be the one that says everything is perfect amidst the chaos? …to which the heart replies… dear one, you ask, ‘but who am I…?’ because you have simply forgotten who you really are.

You are not the chaos, concern and stress and it is not worthy of you, that is how worthy you are.

Drop it. Let it go. Step out of your worry and concern. Follow me! And watch the magic unfold. That is how worthy you are.

Let your hair down! Allow the sun to relax your body! Drink wine and dance! That is how worthy you are.

I will guide you, just ask for my help. In every project, every relationship, in every thought, I will guide you to the best possible version, divinely destined for you… you know this to be true, in me, in your heart. That is how worthy you are.

I love you. So please step out of your concern today, to effortlessly step into the magic that awaits…

IN THIS EPISODE: Maya introduces the heart truth of Divine Perfection and how switching from a ‘problem’ to a ‘perfection’ mindset will change everything for you.


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