Meet Brittany Avent, one brave women who has made the (very public) point of no return decision to make a change, in her eating, fitness and mental/emotional habits. The Arizona Republic and KPNX Channel 12 Arizona will be following her journey, sharing her wins and her struggles along the way.


(Photo: David Wallace/The Republic)

Except from the Republic: 
Her goal is to weigh less than 200 pounds. She will decide when she has hit the goal whether to lose more. “I am not looking to be super skinny, to be perfect.”
Avent’s commitment to lose weight is driven by more than health. Yes, she understands the dangers of eating nearly 3,500 calories a day and carrying nearly 100 pounds too many — increased risk of diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and cancer.
But she is driven to lose weight mostly “to be comfortable in my body.” Avent’s weight stops her from so much — teaching exercise classes, accepting invitations to parties, shopping with girlfriends.

“I always feel like I am the big girl, the biggest one in the room,” she said. “I’ve actually dropped college classes if I feel too uncomfortable. My weight is causing me to miss my own life.”

After years of dieting, Avent’s healthy-eating IQ is high. “I know what to eat, but just don’t know how to actually do it. I actually like fruits and vegetables. I don’t drink sodas. I’m still eating too much and too many of the wrong things.” she said.

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(Photo: David Wallace/The Republic)
Maya has been working with Brittany for one month now. She has lost just over 5 pounds and when asked what her top 5 wins are thus far, here’s what Brittany had to say:
1. “Saying NO to fast food, even when it’s desperate measures. I haven’t let myself slip up with fast food since June 7th!”
2. “Journaling, I have kept [a food journal] the past 14 days.” Birttany states journaling has helped increase her awareness around past food choices and portions while positively impacting future choices.
3. “Getting into the gym at least 3 times per week.” Brittany, a Zumba teacher, loves to take classes herself.
4. “When looking in the mirror, I am more positive, telling myself I can do this and not being so negative. I can say this because of the small changes I am seeing. I must keep pushing myself to be positive and fight that Junkie, not letting it get the best of me anymore!”
5. “Eating veggies everyday! I’ve never done that before.”
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