4 Ways to Eliminate Food Cravings

Salt… sugar. Sugar… salt. Are you totally sick and tired of your food cravings? Cravings are a sign of an imbalance, in the body and mind.. and imbalances can be corrected!

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video transcription

Are you totally just sick of your food cravings? You know, you eat the sugar, and then you eat the salt, and sometimes you eat the sugar and the salt together? Sometimes it’s a binge, sometimes it’s an emotional eating episode, and you’re totally over it. It’s frustrating, and it’s annoying, and it’s putting extra weight on your body, you don’t know how to stop it. My name is Maya. I’m a behavioral registered dietitian and founder here at Healthy Habit Solutions and creator of the Enoughness Factor, where I help chronic dieters and yo-yo dieters and stress, binge, and emotional eaters to yes, sure, lose some weight but more importantly to find their enoughness factor to cultivate true enoughness so we can change our physical, mental, and emotional habits for permanent change, for happiness, for peace, for joy, for a better life that we actually truly want to live.

Food cravings are certainly not a part of that. There’s 4 contributors or 4 ways that we can stop and eliminate and really reduce food cravings. Number 1 is to eat less food. I know that you’re about to click off this video because you’re like, “Duh, Maya, of course I got to eat less food. I already know that.” That’s where the behavior change portion comes in. I’m going to put a link below this video to the kickstart guide, which is a course that teaches you how do I change my physical habits. Because you, if you’re like me, where this all-or-nothing, yo-yo pizza and cake or carrots and celery, perfectionist recovering control freak, who, we know what to do. We just don’t do it. When I say “eat less food,” that really messes truly with … When we eat too much food, we put weight on our bodies, which is going to mess with those hunger and satiety cues. When we mess with the hormones that control our hunger and satiety cues, then food cravings can go a little out of control because there’s something I want you to hear, and that’s something that’s very, very important, is I’ve walked this journey myself, and I’m still walking this journey, is that food cravings are a sign of an imbalance in not only your body but your mind as well, in both.

Here’s the cool thing. Is that if it’s a sign of an imbalance and it is an imbalance, which it absolutely is, is that anything that is out of balance can come back into balance. It is possible. You’re not broken. This is not a thing that can’t be fixed. You’re not lost all hope here. This is possible. This is an imbalance that can be corrected with the right tools.

Number 2 is to stop eating so much sugar. I’m going to put a link below the video as well. I have a video on what sugar is and what behavior change steps you can take to start reducing it. Sometimes too much fruit for our body is too much sugar, so it doesn’t have to look like just a bunch of cookies, candies, and cakes, and things like that too. Sometimes it can be too much rice and too much sweet potato and too much mango because that can contribute to the sugar intake too, which will also mess with our blood sugar handling, and sometimes even create insulin resistance or lead to diabetes.

Number 3 is to fix your digestion. I am … If you know my story, you know that a couple years ago I went so hard and so fast building my practice that I hit burnout, and my digestion just totally went on the fritz and affected weight and hormones and so many different things. This is going to be kind of disgusting, so if you’re eating, put down your food. Our whole digestion, like from our mouth out, is one long tube. As one long tube, it has different pH levels, different good and bad bug levels, like flora, good bacteria, probiotic kind of stuff. Each part of that digestion is crucial to our health. We do all of the digesting, absorbing, and eliminating of our nutrition and our food and our waste products in our gut. In order for weight to be perfectly balanced and food cravings to be non-existent, we have to have a healthy gut.

Number 4, this is more of a mind balance, is to practice not becoming your emotions and really not becoming your thoughts. You know, in this work, I teach there’s behaviors, you’re here because of the behavior, whether that’s overeating, emotional eating, chronic or yo-yo dieting, that whole chain, it’s just the behavior. That behavior is linked to emotion, which is linked to thought, which is linked to belief systems. As that emotion causes unwanted or less-than-desirable emotion causes an unwanted or less-than-desirable behavior, then when we can step back and not engage in that emotion yet simply see the emotion for what it is, allow it into our life, honor it, ask it why it’s here and what it needs and what it has to teach us. This is certainly a whole new course, but in the Enoughness Factor, I teach emotional awareness, and emotions drive so many things. This is a feeling journey. This is a feeling life. If you continue to become your emotions and you continue to get lost in fear storms, you will never get out of the unwanted behaviors such as food cravings.

I hope that was helpful. I’ll put links for everything that I had mentioned below, and you’re always, always more than welcome to join us on this journey. There’s quite a few ways to do that, and I’ll put those links below too. Have a fantastic week, and I’ll talk to you soon.