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Circumstance isn’t the problem, your thinking is 

Change your operating mode to change your life

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We’ve been going about the business of change all wrong, and because of it, it’s made our world stressed, sick and exhausted.


The Nuuaria Method™ works because it treats the root cause of the individual and addresses the thought habits – perfectionism thinking, all-or-nothing thinking, overthinking, catastrophic and …


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About Maya

Maya is Founder and CEO of Nuuaria, a center for permanent habit and behavior change that is designed for people who have tried it all, feel overwhelmed, and don’t believe anything else will work for them…BUT they aren’t quite ready to give up. Nuuaria helps people create physical, emotional and relational well-being so that they can live their best life feeling good, happy, healthy and whole.
Maya is a behavioral registered dietitian, the Food and Nutrition Contributor for 3TV Arizona, a writer, speaker, and a student and teacher of human change. She lives the nomad lifestyle and is a lover of all things wine.
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