Behavioral Registered Dietitian and Creator of Habit and Behavior Change on a mission to create a community of humans lifting humans to their highest potential, through love, by unraveling modern addiction

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Want permanence in health?

Peace of mind in your life?

And the end of suffering from untapped potential? 

Good. The world needs more leaders like you

Join us on the journey. Here’s how…

The Habit and Behavior Change™ Curriculum

Permanence in health and peace of mind in life is achieved here.

+4 Foundational Life Courses +Continuing Education +Amazing Support +Coaching with Maya

Join us on the journey and learn how to align your physical, emotional and mental habits with what you want most.

Habit and Behavior Change™ Workshops

for stress, binge, emotional eaters, and women suffering from burnout

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a podcast for smart humans who just struggle… through fear storms, perfectionism, all-or-nothing thinking, busy-ness and addictions



I want to see suffering of the mind end in my lifetime.

I want to experience the world that exists beyond fear. 

It’s time to go… time to grow… time to stretch… time to evolve.  

There’s a new kind of love that’s calling us now… a defiantly optimistic kind of love. 

You know it’s there with the fear storms, the addictions and the pain of untapped potential. 

It’s time to dig deep for our courage, see beyond our illusionary fears, renounce old identities and cultivate the best possible version of ourselves. 

*big hugs and love to you*