fierce love is rising

and it's here to change our world.

It’s the kind of love known only to the ones who’ve dared to surrender and let go, who’ve dared to unplug from busy-ness and addiction, who walk with faith after the fires, who continue to trust with no evidence they can, who dare to walk left when humanity walks right, who dare to feel to heal, who dare to stand in silence and see only truth while stones are cast, …who THEN, lead with humility and power.   

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Frustrated? Stressed? Busy? Exhausted? Can’t quite seem to accomplish it?

There is no need to control it all into place anymore. Everything IS under control… just not your control. The bridge from ‘I am in control’ to ‘I control nothing, yet all is done’ is surrender and letting go. We have been taught to work hard and make it all happen. If you have found your way here, it is likely your time to walk across this bridge and allow your life to unfold, minus all the unnecessary exhaustion and stress. 

my name is Maya

I can summarize my life thus far into three distinct phases: 1. Why me!? 2. I am in control. 3. I control nothing. If you are ridden with stress, overwhelm, busy-ness, frustration, worry, overthinking, addictions (all kinds welcome), you find comfort in trying to control life’s uncontrollables, yet never feel like you’ve done enough, have enough and are enough… you’re in the right place.

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