this is not your life

& you don't have to manifest anything.

I can summarize my life thus far into three distinct phases: 1. Why me!? 2. I am in control. 3. I control nothing. If you are ridden with stress, overwhelm, busy-ness, frustration, worry, overthinking, addictions (all kinds welcome), you find comfort in trying to control life’s uncontrollables, yet never feel like you’ve done enough, have enough and are enough… you’re in the right place.

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my name is Maya

I used to believe I was the one who needed to set the alarm for the sun to rise in the morning. Ridden with daily stress and anxieties, trying to control it all into place, I was exhausted. Then,

surrender found me.

there is no need to worry

Everything is under control… just not your control. Stress, worry and anxieties are your guide to surrender the struggle that is not real. There is a way that knows the way. It is in your release that you slip into flow where there is peace and ease. 

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